General Manager, TAV Operations Services

Ali Bora İşbulan, graduated from Boğaziçi University Mechanical Engineering in 1998. He received his MA degree in Business Administration in 2000 and his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering in 2002 from University of Texas. Beginning his professional career in Yeşim Teksil, in various managerial positions, he was in charge of internal audit, production and a number of international projects between 2002 – 2010. Before joining TAV, he was the Egypt Country Director in Yeşim Tekstil. İşbulan joined TAV Airports in 2010. Today he is the General Manager of TAV Operation Services which carries out the allocation of commercial space and rental of advertisement and publicity space, TAV “primeclass”, CIP Lounge Operations, TAV Tourism, “TAVPort” Travel Portal, “TAV Passport” loyalty card program at the airports operated by TAV in Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia and Macedonia. İşbulan has spoken of several national/international conferences and given seminars about “change management” and “lean thinking”.

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