An Article, History of lstanbul, mystical structure, and on today’s modern texture, is a legendary city, lived Centuries, it is a city that has seen many empires and civilizations, Europe and Asia, where access to each other with love, domination of both continents on seven hills of the beautiful city of lstanbul…

Istanbul makes lstanbul; What is the historical symbol? If he s: you can hear different answers from lstanbul lovers. Some say it stands alone the Maiden’s Tower in the middle of the sea haughty beauty. Some of the dreams that all legends and host can say straight stretches Galata Tower to the sky. Some say the mystical and unique beauty fascinates the cessation of Hagia Sophia. Some historic peninsula, the mission of being the symbol of lstanbul says he held. Sometimes it’s almost the second the name of lstanbul, giving her name, says the Yeditepe Some say the lstanbul; encompassing centuries and is said to protect the walls add beauty to the beauty of the Bosphorus.

To me, it’s rich historical and cultural heritage, which is the symbol of this city, not a single trace. Because mosques, churches, synagogues monuments, fortifications, castles, historic houses, bazaars and the market is in itself an important symbol of everything stanbul What if you come from the culture and geography of the bride, will steal your heart in lstanbul, and you will surely find something that will affect you. Istanbul from a song, a story, a poem or a legend catches you. Work your way inside and enters your bloodstream. At that time begin a love for the people of Istanbul.

One aspect of Istanbul Roman, Byzantine one side, and one side is Ottoman. Because of the two continents in the history of this land, as well as that of lstanbul, as well as the Eastern and Western…

If you turn your face Sultanahmet, lstanbul will be the city of the sultans. If you Turn your back, all the grandeur of the mind from the beginning, it would make the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. The Istanbul; as watching, Roman monuments and the castle would Maiden’s Tower, and Legends on the Maiden Tower

Maiden’s Tower, at the point where Europe meets Asia, lstanbul bears witness to the history of 2500 years. This tower is in love with lstanbul and the Bosphorus in lstanbul, defy the years with great love, has gabfest devoted to lstanbul for centuries as a lover…

Towers in so mysterious and beautiful stops, he never wanders century legends language from the language and from ear to ear? For every beauty circulates certainly, but also creates its own legends…
The legend of Hero and Leandros Sad Love

Let us come to our first myth According to this legend of the Maiden’s Tower; Leandros undying love with the hero, has witnessed Hero is one of the priestesses of Aphrodite is forbidden to love. Each year, on behalf of the awakening of nature in spring, Ceremonies held around the temple. It is eaten and drunk in the ceremony and those who can not find love, Aphrodite, they’re burned to find love. Leandros sitting on the opposite shore of the Bosphorus, when it comes to this ceremony and met with Hero falls in love with two young each Leandros night, swam come to this tower. Two young meet here, they consecrate their love of the Maiden Tower.

Leandros came to the tower on a stormy day, a jealous priest closes the lighthouse The dark waters of the Bosphorus Leander lost his way, embedded with infinite love. He understands that saw the arrival of his beloved Hero, which has become a temple of love lays down from the tower Maiden Tower, the Listen to the other mystical legends

Snake Story
A daughter of the Byzantine emperor was born, and the king is very happy. King’s knowledge of the country, is assigned to raising her daughters. But from one of erudite king’s daughter, when she reached the age of eighteen, bitten by a snake, he says it would die poisoned. This so impressed the king prophecy, located on a small island in the middle of the sea built this tower He sends his daughter to live in the tower. Thus, the snake will save his daughter..

Years go by and the girl enters the age of eighteen, Despite all measures, enter into a snake tower in the basket of grapes sent to the girl. Even before anyone has noticed, that snake bites princess, and she will die of poisoning. The king was deeply saddened by this incident. If the girl buried in the ground, still think it would feed the snake, and the body of the girl, mummy built and, in the liner notes of a brass coffin. This coffin, onto one of Sophia’s high walls, or to be placed. In this way, daughter of the dead, at least, thinks that protect against snakes.

In all these stories the princess referring to this tower, Turks gave the name Maiden’s Tower.

Hagia Sophia and the Mystical Legends
Byzantines and Turks, became the largest temple, the Hagia Sophia, many legends have been told that, starting from the year it was built. Hagia Sophia, located in the corridor on the south side, a hollow stone, believed that it was the cradle of Jesus Christ. Women, if they put the newborn in the cradle sick children, they believe it can be improved… According to the beliefs of Muslims: Khidr, was praying in Hagia Sophia lamp under the ball. Forty morning, who makes prayer in the same place, it is believed that coincides with Khidr.

Speed, it typically appears in a dervish disguise them. If you are currently recognized and if Khidr Prophet wrapped hands, it would be something to be desired.
The four angels depicted in the Hagia Sophia: lt was thought to be a talisman.

Thereof; Gabriel by plugging wings, and if shouts, they would say would be the eastern district of the spo f the image of Raphael shouted the west would cause famine. Michael calls, pulled out a rebel on the north side. Azrael calls, would have thought of as malery disease…

Hagia Sophia, was said to be three hundred and sixty-one door. Out of a hundred doors, gates and they were all enchanted is called. Even that arise repeatedly glitzy than a port, it was believed that engagement konuls appear invisible to the door another door.

One of the pillars on the west side of St. Sophia, are associated with the name Sweating Column. This column in front of the humid, with centuries old history of thousands of people and extend their fingers, hoping that the trouble kinds of healing, have left a deep hole in the column. The wings of the Qibla gate is made of wood of Prophet Noah’s ark There was a legend. Ignorance of merchants and captains that prayer in front of the door, sliding his hands to a wooden door and Noah was considered lucky to come out to read the Fatiha spirit of the prophet expedition.

Today’s Modern Texture of lstanbul
Istanbul’s historic and modern structures fit together is so beautiful the history has now merged on lstanbul very nice.
Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul is as nice as nice necklace attached to owl, Istanbul many people passing through this bridge, Asia and the European continent will witness the beauty of today’s bridge at each transition Taksim Tunnel is one of the world’s oldest metro. The tunnel came Beyoglu since 1875, and continues to bring Karakoy and history with the present.
Istiklal Street tram to come during the day from one end to the other, passing the nostalgic view of today bears witness to today’s passengers who want to ride with traces of old lstanbul.

All of these mystical ideas and fascinating legends, lstanbul has added beauty of a magical beauty. Many myth; As mentioned, see the Hagia Sophia, the historic walls of the emerging, while admire the unique view from Yeditepe, wandering the tower, visit the palace, passing once the Strait, and date someone who drank water from the fountain, come close never leave this city. Somehow; turns, travels, and way back through lstanbul.


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