Ethiopia will host the World Tourism Forum Annual Meeting in 2020. Prime Minister of Ethiopia hosted Forum President Bulut Bağcı and his accompanying delegation.

The London-based World Tourism Forum Institute delegation held several meetings in Addis Ababa and visited Prime Minister of Ethiopia at Prime Minister’s office. World Tourism Forum Institute delegation headed by the President Bulut Bağcı was hosted by Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed.

Abiy Ahmed said during the meeting that Ethiopia government has made every effort to promote tourism in the country. Ahmed also gave information about tourism investments in the country.

During the meeting, it was decided that the Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting 2020 will be held in Ethiopia with the participation of over 3000 foreign sector representatives on November 2020.

Prime Minister, who informed the delegation about Ethiopia’s tourism activities, stated that they are working to reveal the real tourism potential of the country.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Receives 2019 Leader in Tourism Award

World Tourism Forum President Bagci gave information about the forum. Speaking about the participation of World Tourism Forum in tourism, Bağcı stressed that they are trying to improve tourism worldwide through annual forums.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed also received World Tourism Award as Leader in Tourism. The World Tourism Forum announced that Ahmed was named among nominated leaders for his outstanding and exemplary efforts to promote the growth and improvement of the Ethiopian tourism industry.

World Tourism Forum Annual Meeting 2020

Annual Meeting 2020 will be held in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The forum will host over 5000 participants. The previous World Tourism Forum programs hosted former French President François Hollande, former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and Facebook co-founder Randi Zuckerberg. In Annual Meeting 2020, well-known figures from the world of politics and tourism, such as former British Prime Minister Theresa May will be hosted.

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