This year 2017 begins with good news, I am going to visit Turkey, invited as an influencer in The World Tourism Forum Global Meeting. It will allow me not only to meet very interesting people, but also a dream come true: to visit this beautiful country. In fact, I have been wanting to go all my life. It’s a pending visit on my vital road map. I think all my travels and previous experiences have been preparing me to visit Turkey and enjoy it.

Therefore, it is an honor to me to be invited to this event and to share information and wisdom with the best professionals in the travel sector and, on the other hand, to discover Turkey. I am interested in its gastronomy and its traditions, to lose myself in the Grand Bazaar, to shroud myself in the fragance of the spices, to sail in the Marmara Sea watching sunset, to visit the ancient Troy and all the historical ruins that treasures his territory, to wander around the Cappadocia, enjoy the architectural spectacle of Saint Sophia and the bridge over the Bosphorus, the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Galata Tower … In short, enjoy this historic crossroads that has been a nexus between cultures and civilizations, between East and West. In fact, Turkey is this nexus yet.

I consider myself fortunate to have this work and to be a part of this project. Due my work in audiovisual communication, I will be able to transmit the experiences of this country as I have done in all my travels: creating trip videos and adventures. Soon, you will have the opportunity to see this trip made real on my Youtube channel (

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