Delivering his speech at the opening ceremony of the third World Tourism Forum Global Meeting, Minister Avcı said that tourism was no longer a travel and entertainment industry.
Avcı pointed that tourism offered a very fruitful ground whereby cultural relations also grew. Minister Avcı made the following remarks: “I wish the campaign “Bring your neighbors” recently announced by our esteemed President especially for Turkish citizens and compatriots living in Europe and the “I am crazy for my country” campaign initiated by our esteemed Prime Minister, and our kin would bring well-being. In my opinion, complementing each other, these campaigns go beyond tourism, and they are very meaningful to show what patriotism really is.
Minister Avcı stated his admiration for the successful event and thanked
all its contributors. He added, “I would like to thank the industry representatives of the congress a lot. This Congress will enable every
country to develop new tourism projects as well as share the new industry trends both at a national and international level. I wish it would bring success to all.”

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