When I met you, I fell in love with you. Yes, you, Istanbul. I ́d never felt this before, even though I visited many cities around the world. The feeling I had since I set foot on the city, was the same as young people feel when they fall in love. Butterflies fluttered in my tummy. I was excited and light headed.

The first time was magical. I remember the night of madness and passion as if it were yesterday. We spent hours in the street, eating food that fascinated me and drinking tea until dawn. That flavour took me to my bed and made me dream of you. I could barely close my eyes and you were beautiful again from the first hours of the day. The sunrise with you was unforgettable. Your beauty reflected in the waters of the Bosphorus. And the rest of the day was wonderful. There was no corner that did not surprise me. Every building was photographed until I ́d had enough. No part of your story that did not leave me dreamy.

Your scent also seduced me. The mixture of spices which perfumes the streets, evoking many moments, leaving no visitor indifferent. I still remember those aromas as if I were back with you now. Your skin, in which thousands of people live, those who always attended me with a smile, I also keep in my memory.

You are the perfect balance that everyone seeks. You have the best of your father (the West) and the best of your mother (East). You are cosmopolitan, universal. You are diverse, heterogeneous and multicultural. You are fascinating! I never wanted to leave and, when I did, it was with sadness and longing to return soon.

As if you were a woman, so I have felt my love for you. Istanbul, I have something to tell you after all: I LOVE YOU, ISTANBUL.

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