We also entered a four-generation population of baby boomers expanding their careers and generation Z staff beginning. In it, baby boomers, generation Xers, millennials and Gen Zers have their own personal and work experiences-both in workplaces and on business trips. But there is a clearly defined pattern in all four groups: the elusive concept of the “work-life balance” gives way to a more flexible “work-life mix” that better fits the modern worker’s complex schedule.

The 3rd annual State of Commercial Travel survey by National Car Rental reveals that 67 percent of respondents still seek to draw a distinction between their work and their personal lives. Rather than try to keep them apart, more than half of respondents are now combining work and personal life.

How does the merging of work-life look? During a week, respondents responded to emails on 3.97 days, arrived early or stayed late for 3.72 days after working hours and took work calls on 3.00 days after working hours. But at work, they also replied on 2.94 days with personal e-mails, took 2.85 days with their personal calls and worked on 1.63 days on personal projects. Senior and managing directors, 65 percent of whom say they like to mix their personal and professional lives, actually support this shift to mixing.

“Bleisure” Travel Continues and is More Popular

The survey revealed a large number of business travelers (82%) engaged in a certain form (including integrating leisure activities into business travel (61%), extending business travel to leisure (41%), and booking a holiday on a business visit. This is a phenomenon which has been particularly prevalent among business tourists, and is commonly called “leisure.” Less definitely than Gen Xers (76 percent) and baby boomers (73 percent), millennials (86 percent) are bleisure passengers. However, executives / senior management are almost twice the chance of extending their business trip into leisure (5%) or booking holidays during their business trip (40%) as compared to non-managers (28% and 27%).

We see workers and, in particular, business travelers find new ways to align their job with personal time, which owns and operates National Car Rental, as well as the Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Alamo Rent A Car brands in an increasingly connected and mobile world. In the new decade of the 21st century, national research shows the shift in thought. We are constantly looking for ways of mixing up work and fun to achieve life and career satisfaction instead of trying to meet unrealistic expectations.

On business travelers report overall satisfaction of their quality of life on the road, which is more than non-free, with employees who are interested in bleisure travel (91 percent versus 79 percent). They also record additional benefits such as healthy diet (41% versus 32%), exercise (53% versus 41%) and feeling improved (54% versus 35%). Interestingly, there is evidence of greater acceptance for bleisure travel. 79% of blueberry passengers are more likely to volunteer on business if they are able to prolong their stay, up 9% from last year’s survey, and less need was felt to have a supervisor (19% vs. 21%) or colleagues (22% vs. 24%) downplays their leisure activities compared to last year.

Most bleisure travelers (86% versus 69%) believe business voyages lead to their successful career and help them develop key relationships they could not otherwise have had without business travel (81% versus 73%).

Land transport choices for Blending Affects

Ground transport remains a major component of corporate travel. According to the National Survey, passengers rely on a mixture of transport options. For example, rental cars are the most popular choice for going through the city (78 percent) and going to business meetings (72 percent), while ridesharing is used to go to restaurants and bars (68 percent).

Land transport for business travelers is not a one-size example. Employed people select multiple modes of transport in one journey and company travel policies enable them-and car rental continues to play an important role in this mix.

Technology Enabled

The combination of work-life and bleisure is both highly facilitated by technology that plays a significant role in deciding which brands travelers want. The data show 90 percent of selected brands that provide technical tools to improve the experience of business travel. And 90% of travelers in bleisure see connected cars as being good for companies. National, leading airport frequent car rental company, continues to expand its service portfolio for road guerrillas through creative strategies and technological solutions to provide the best customers experience. The winning mobile application offers a single point of contact for business travelers with the goal of managing all aspects of the rental journey. In order to make customer satisfaction easier to navigate, the general appearance, the range of services / activities, clarity of information and speed of page load, National website recently was classified as No. 1.

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