A new report shows that international inbound travel is expected to decline as voyages to and within the United States have increased over the year in December.

According to the most recent Travel Trends Index of the United States Travel Associations (TTI), which is the 10th consecutive year of market growth, rose 2.4 per cent over a year in December.

The study also predicted that the volume of US travel will increase by 1.4% a year over June 2020, but that international inbound journeys will decline by 0.2% over that same period.

The United States Travel Association said it has been a product of strong US currencies and trade disputes that foreign inbound travel has declined. Although the prediction looks stupid, there was a slight increase of 0.8% in incoming travel in december.

“Congress took an important step by reauthorizing the Brand USA Marketing Program to reverse the downturn during international inbound travel,” Roger Dow, CEO of the Travel Association said in a declaration. “International tourist spending is necessary to decrease the commercial deficit. A sustained decline in growth in this segment could have serious consequences for the health of the US economy as a whole.”

While there are forecasts for declining international entries, in December domestic leisure and business transportation have risen 2,6%. The average of six months has increased for business travel, while growth in leisure travel has slowed down to half its six-month trend.

Next month, the TTI will possibly be the first to show the effect on the United States travel industry of China’s coronavirus outbreak.

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