The number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally is likely to reach half a million in just a few days, the latest Johns Hopkins University figures show, as Italy’s cases edge closer to overtaking those in China.

The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is currently 471,783.

The US is not far behind China either – with a difference of just over 10,000 cases.

Global deaths passed 21,000 on Thursday.

Italy and Spain are the two worst-affected countries, with 7,503 and 3,647 fatalities respectively. Deaths in the US passed 1,000 for the first time on Wednesday, with over a quarter of those in New York.

  1. China: 81,727
  2. Italy: 74,386
  3. US: 69,171
  4. Spain: 49,515
  5. Germany: 37,323
  6. Iran: 27,017
  7. France: 25,600
  8. Switzerland: 10,897
  9. United Kingdom: 9,640
  10.  South Korea: 9,241

Here again is that analysis of US case increases by Nate Silver. The WHO warned this week that the country risks becoming the new centre of the pandemic.


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