Current life awareness is being changed

As we all know that tourism is motived by needs of human being. Abraham Harold Maslow, an American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs at 8 levels. They are divided into 3 groups of needs such as:

(1) Basic needs: food, water, warmth, rest, security and safety

(2) Physiological needs: intimate relationships, friends, prestige, feeling of accomplishment

(3) Self-fulfillment needs: achieving one’s fulfillment potential including creative activities.

In the meantime, coronavirus globally booming leading to changes of daily habits of people from all over the world. Actually, the three groups of human needs are operated at their home. In addition, there are approximately 10-12 weeks for a country to stop the virus attack. However, this process is spread region by region, continent from continent. During this time, customer needs which drawn by Maslow are enjoyed at home or isolated areas via air. Technology helps borderless connecting people to people. The relationships become stronger creating a huge data of customer linkages. They are automatically grouped into the same of hobbies, the same of needs in physicality and mentality.

Therefore, it is the right time for tourism policy makers to rethink three following strategic issues:

  • How can businesses meet current needs?
  • What are the customer’s needs boomed after they become normal?
  • How their own business will be?

Where to go from here!

Healthcare tourism will be mostly trendy.

Medical services will be served in accommodations even in long journey at means of transportations It is called wellness hotels, resorts, restaurants, flights etc. The self-fulfillment needs group is at the throne. After the long nightmare of coronavirus threats, human being really awakes of their lifestyles accompanied with the environment around them. The good spirit values of living are concerned strongly. People know how to give love together. Mindful Peace is awakened. Accordingly, it is enough for tourism industry supplies wellness services led by sustainable values. Brings tourists to the highest needs of transcendence. That is why tourism industry is named for duty of sustainability development.

Furthermore, responsible tour packages with environmental products, services at destinations will be a real need. As a result, tourism businesses, including all value of supply chain, should change the way of services. The transcendent level should be integrated in each tourism product. The most important value of transcendent tourism type is to make the whole tourism chain served to customer like their home. It becomes the reappearance how they are living but at a higher level of awareness.

A wave of franchise or purchase among SMEs and unicorns is merged. There is the movement of real estate investors investing in tourism. However, to be successful in tourism industry, the investors or owners must have green mindset. They are pilots to navigate environmentally sustainable road in exploiting destinations. The customers now carefully choose history of sustainable business then experiences. They are smarter than before.

Adaptation and smart strategy are proactively built. Facts and figures of coronavirus are opportunities for businesses thinking of sustainable intelligent tourism. Plans of smart experiences for tourists by technology, bringing tourists out of their home to enjoy life values after the pandemic are also changeable challenges.

As a result, to be chosen by smart customers in the couple time, current tourism businesses and potential tourism investors have to continuously run mindset to review all activities and actions. For sure that, policies are needed to renew. Following, it is quite clear for all staff being retrained; reproducing services to reach new wave of tourist’s lifestyle; resetting business operation, well caring traditional partners, redefining target market for new partnerships. All these concepts are led and managed by sustainable approaches. These are unique competency advantage for each business.

In conclusion, everything will be passed away. There is time for us to gain achievements. There is time for us to face obstacles. It is the rule of life.  It can be aware of that the year 2020 is the peak of circle life. Human being must decide for new way of life. Therefore, tourism is the industry that leads people to live a happy life by its right ways. What we are doing now is what we will be in the future.

Hanni TranDirector of Asia, Global Tourism Forum

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