The concept of Globalization was known in 1990s. Tourism industry is closely linked to globalization by its strategies. It strengthens globalization and reduces negative impacts of economy, society and environment among communities. Covid-19 occurred in the world from last months of 2019 hitting directly to tourism industry. It constrains developments in a while but it cannot extinguish the whole journey.

In the meantime, the globalization is stronger in the efforts of Covid-19 prevention and economic pushing. Especially, tourism is the convenient sector to get back soon. The tourism market flow goes firstly after Covid-19 such as gastronomy, travelling, trading in the country and inter-countries.

Tourism globalization with inequality

Actually, the tourism globalization is reducing inequality for people around the world in term of tourism knowledge improvement. Evidently, spreading of tourism technology supports people to improve their life skills. In somehow, human can self-educate unconsciously by delicate tourism activities. They will be recovered by themselves with a huge of knowledge they owned during the time of stay home. The home safety, the improved tourism knowledge and unpolluted environment at current time will be precious invisible assets for people getting back stronger. This is time for new era preparation with new goals, new plans, new actions, even new habits.

Tourism globalization with tourism supply chain

Although tourism value chain is getting stuck by Covid-19, it is able to be changed and recovered into other segments by online. The technology has been the foundation for men speeding up various markets. Therefore, the globalization is still moving on sectors of tourism. For example, movie tourism, sightseeing, gastronomic tourism and shopaholic tourism are still operated via internet flatforms. They can easily touch to customer needs. Also, all these programs are motivating tourists planning a future journey right after pandemic ending.

Tourism globalization with new tourism trend

Nowadays, people pay much attention to healthcare. They concern the qualify life, living condition, especially mental care. Accordingly, medical tourism is going to be essential needs in human life.

Health tourism includes various services in the journey. It is not only travelling for medical care but staying at home for healing. Especially, in the Covid-19, tourists staying at home for safe can be retreated by mental distance treatments. Hotel industry can rethink how to meet this demand quickly by technology touching. For example, class of yoga or meditation made at the hotel can be launched to home-tourists via hotel app. More users mean hotel finance being rescued. Moreover, the programs of VR or AR should be launched directly to home-tourists via online platforms.

Tourism globalization with global partnership

There is an emergency, there is a rescue. Cost and loss in tourism due to Covid-19 will be compensated by global urgent reliefs. The partnership among governments in Covid-19 has addressed a tighten globalization. Medical foreign affairs are an opening for tourism growing back. It kicks off transportation for tourism growing again.

As the format of relief, the most vulnerable economic target group is rescued firstly. Tourism is a hub of economic types. Investment in global tourism development strategy will be a life buoy for global economy recovery. The main reason for that is because tourism is an effective solution to push exporting at the sites and out of the country. It is the industry of consuming for other industries. It makes a circle of global scale life. The process of tourism globalization, indeed, is integration and interaction among inter-governments, businesses and communities under the natural impacts.

In brief, Covid-19 pushes the process of global partnerships. We rethink how to make a new world architecture with a cohesive reaction. This is proved by history of pandemics. Human is more intelligent with innovations until now. Tourism industry, accordingly, is the first beneficiary from a new globalization. WE WON’T COLLASPE!

Hanni TranDirector of Asia, Global Tourism Forum

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