Welcome to the 2021 airline flight. You can find no in-flight magazine to entertain you on board but look for the disinfectant wipes as part of the in-flight service. before you board, please enter the disinfectant tunnel and thermal scanner and have your bags “sanitagged.” And don’t count on the aircraft being allowed if you cough at the entrance.

SimpliFlying Aviation marketing consultancy produced a report entitled “The Rise of Sanitized Travel” which detail over 70 different areas of travel which are expected to be updated or implemented from scratch in order to restore trust in after COVID-19 flying.

In the basis of the SimpliFlying survey, here are some of the things that you might hope to see later this year:

  1. Touchless cabins and terminals for check-in. Seatback pockets are left empty, and touchless kiosks (scan via code or voice commands) will be available on airport terminals
  2. Many airlines launched Sky Marshalls after 9/11. After Covid-19, we might see the introduction of the in-flight janitor, which will keep the cabin clean, especially high-touch areas like toilet doors handles, particularly on longer flights.
  3. Bag checking? Expect them to be ‘hygienic’ after fogging, electrostatic or UV disinfection.
  4. Everyone who travels in the United States has learned about the TSA. Next, search for the THA (Transport Health Authority)

According to CEO Shashank Nigam of SimpliFlying, “9/11, with additional safety checks and longer check-in times, travel has changed completely. The impacts of COVID-19 on air travel will be much more comprehensive in terms of sanitation and cleanliness.

“Just like when security checks were introduced, there will be two distinct audiences airlines will need to convince: Authorities and the travelling public.

“The large numbers of people who fly back will rely on giving them peace of mind that they do not rub their shoulders with contagious fellow travelers or bumping their elbows with economics.”

“However, before providing landing slots, governments and airport operators may want to learn that airlines comply with a certain standard of cleanliness and hygiene.”

Shashank Nigam also pointed out that the problem that will be facing budget airlines in the new environment is “the end of the 30-minute turnaround on which many low-cost carriers are based to a large extent on their business model”

SimpliFlying has produced an infographic detailing the new passenger journey and some of the most important sanitation touch-points you can expect to encounter as a traveller.

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