Successful opportunity is depended on how we lead the game. Covid-19 brings countries to reset strategies in economic growth. Building an image is a long – term smart plan and reaction. It relates to the whole social values of a country in which tourism industry highly contributes to national brand.

Recovery stage is the right time for policy makers take decisions how tourism is. Accompany with other plans, marketing strategy for a nation is emerged. It creates variety of approaches  for a destination to develop if it is well organized by stakeholders. However, the positive impacts of tourism marketing strategy is depended on the way of awareness and action of each the countries and territories.

Is tourism marketing just a message of the beauty of the place?
The answer is surely none. Tourism is beautiful if it lived and acted beautifully. It means that tourism is started with an alive plan. It is the product for lively marketing action. Even, successful tourism marketing is from the advantages of other industries. Below analysis of three main points leads countries to think of how tourism marketing is impressive.

Successful tourism marketing from health industry.

Covid-19 leaving a big chance for a nation to declare a safety destination if it is undercontrolled as soon as possible. It is a race among governments who to win firstly. A country is recovered meaning opportunity for tourists taking a recovery too. The strong healthcare system builds  a trust for tourists thinking of place for physical and mental treatments in post pandemic. Therefore, tourism industry has to take this advantage to fulfil national image evidently with safe test and measures. Medical tourism is a huge opportunity for governments and enterprises starting up various business. Especially, community healthcare is an approach for marketing a responsible tourism.

Successful tourism marketing from humanitarian actions

Covid-19 hits suddently to countries where foreigners are still living, studying, and working while suspending borders to control the pandemic. The treatment Covid-19 for foreigners is also a beautiful humanitarian image for the countries. Furthermore, social inequality is gap filling. The actions of helps from the rich to the poor have proved good treatments of the citizens. It creates a beautiful image for the country to the world. Accordingly, the belief of tourists is stronger to choose a destination for their journey. They will choose for the proved beautiful actions of local citizens and the treats of government to their citizens during pandemic. A friendly image of the whole society is a precious message for tourism marketing.

Successful Tourism marketing from international partnerships.

Solidarity timely conducted in Covid-19 creates strong partnership among governments. The reliefs on financial support and medical equipments has tighten countries together in the pandemic battle. It pushes bilateral and multilateral relationships for the economic and social development. Tourism is one of the beneficiaries for foeign direct investment from the countries that one takes good relationships. Also, target markets are from these places. The limited travelling is a temporary. Reopening will be begun soon. Each country has availble precious image during pandemic response to keep the touirst eyes.

The pandemic has evidently sunk global economy. In fact, Coronavirus Pandemic hits the tourism business. 2.7 Trillion USD is the total loss of tourism industry and also 100 Million workers at under-employment or unemployment (reported by World Tourism Forum Institute). On the other hand, Covid-19 brings us an opportunity to reset economic structure. Tourism industry is the frontline of building national image. Also, its recovery advantages quickly reduce economic pressure. These benefits are taken from new wave of investments and new wave of tourist needs. Jobs will be back leading to other industry activated.

As a result, national tourism marketing strategy is a smart tool to rebuild and re-attract destinations. Medical capacity, humanitary and international partnerships are insight contents for communication to target markets.

We have no way to be back. Go straight a head with all the quality of tourism coming from its insight values for tourist enjoying. That is a true marketing approach that makes each destination having unique competitive advatange.

Hanni TranDirector of Asia, Global Tourism Forum

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