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The Covid 19 virus, continues to spread around the globe, though many parts of Europe are past their peak of first wave cases. The world’s case count climbed from one million on April 2 to two million by April 15, to three million on April 27, four million on May 8, and five million on May 20. In early May, most European borders remained closed to anything but essential travel.

As of May 29, the world has 5,946,393 confirmed cases, 362,935 deaths, and 2,608,515 people recovered. The highest cases numbers are in the U.S. (1,772,355 cases, 103,418 deaths), Brazil (438,812 cases, 26,764 deaths), and Russia (387,623 cases, 4,374 deaths), followed by several western European countries. However, In spite of these numbers, many places have lifted the restrictions of COVID-19 on travel in recent weeks, while others have planned to lift visitors’ bans in the coming month.

A number of Caribbean islands are preparing to open their doors to foreign visitors in June, while destinations such as Mexico and Thailand are planning to open up again region by region in the coming weeks.

As per Fodors a major travel group, Europe continues to announce reopening plans (although almost exclusively to European), with Euronews listing details by country. EU ministers called for the creation of a website to provide up-to-date information for travel to and within Europe, reports the BBC. Travelers still need to check their home country’s travel warnings (the State Department and CDC still recommend against all international travel) and rules about quarantine both on arrival and when returning home. Countries vary in their requirements for testing and/or 14-day isolation upon arrival–sometimes for all arrivals, sometimes just for those from specific areas, sometimes only if the person shows symptoms, and sometimes just spot checks. Many countries won’t accept any visitors from countries with high COVID infection rates.

Below are some of the most popular tourist spots in June.


An official reopening date has yet to be set. However, between June 15 and July 2020, the Island announced tentative plans to reopen to tourists. Danguillaume Oduber, Minister of Tourism, Public Hygiene, and Sport, stated in a speech earlier this month: we want all visitors to be confident when they travel to our one happy Island. They can be satisfied that we have worked together as a nation to implement the highest health and safety protocols at all points in their journey.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda expect to welcome foreign tourists as early as June 4 with the return of flights over the next few days and weeks by American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, and British Airways.

Saint Lucia

Similar to Antigua and Barbuda the phased reopening of Saint Lucia will start on June 4, as officers are planning to open the Hewanorra International Airport for U.S. flights with up to 1,500 hotel rooms for tourists throughout the summer.

Cancun & Riviera Maya, Mexico

Quintana Roo will be reopened after June 1. Nonetheless, Carlos Joaquín González, the Governor of the state, advocates for the reopening of hotels in the Cancun and Mayan Coast area, between 8 and 10 June.

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys will reopen to travelers in the first step of opening on June 1. Hotels will hold just 50% of the total. Officials are expected to explore possible changes to reserves in mid-June.

U.S. Virgin Islands

Beginning June 1, the U.S. Virgin Islands will reopen to visitors. The territory has also developed a complementary guide called the ‘Health and Safety Guidelines for the USVI Travelling Industry’ to ensure the safety of hotels, restaurants, and other enterprises.


Cyprus Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos announced hotels in the country will reopen on June 1, while international air travel will restart on June 9. Cyprus is so keen to get its tourism industry back on track, officials are offering to cover the costs of any travelers who test positive for Covid-19 while on vacation in the Mediterranean island nation.


In the middle of June, Greece will be able to reopen to international tourists. It plans only to allow travelers from approved countries to arrive at Athens International Airport by June 15 until the order is extended to all airports on July 1.


Turkey made over $34.5 billion from tourism in 2019, and the transcontinental country is eager to get back in business. According to Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the destination plans to restart domestic tourism by the close of May and hopes to receive international visitors from mid-June.


Recent plans for travel from within the European Union were accepted by Italian officials, which is on June 3. Visitors from other countries, even overseas, would, therefore, have to wait until June 15, at least.


From June 15, Iceland will be reopening its borders. From then on, the visitor will be offered the option of being tested or quarantined for 14 days out of precaution.

United Kingdom

According to Reuters, international visitors are allowed to enter the United Kingdom next month, but they will be forced to isolate themselves for at least 14 days. The new law will come into force on June 8 and also applies to return people from outside the country.

Sumaira IsaacsCEO, Global Tourism Forum

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