Equatorial Guinea is a small country on the west coast of Africa, sandwiched between Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south. It’s rich in natural resources and most visitors to the former Spanish colony are oil men and traders in petrochemicals. But the government wants to change that.

Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country with many interesting sites and beautiful beaches, but so far there is little tourism information to assist in planning a vacation. The country has dramatic unspoiled landscape and a huge variety of wildlife.

Mainly as a result of government revenues from oil and gas, transport infrastructure has been improved over recent years. Roads and airports have helped open up the interior of the country. The principal mainland city is Bata, but the capital and main port, Malabo is on an offshore island. New hotels are being built, in part to service the influx of oil workers and traders, and a newgolf course is planned outside the city of Malabo.

The development of infrastructure, especially roads and airports, is a major step towards making the country more accessible and attractive to visitors. The aim of the World Tourism Forum Institute is to raise awareness of the opportunities for investment and trade with Equatorial Guinea, a mysterious but energetic part of west central Africa.

Equatorial Guinea is set to be a country with high potential gas reserves and many opportunities in different sectors in the country that need to be exploited. Equatorial Guinea offers national foreign investors the desired balance and profitability for investment.


  • New hotels and resorts
  • Ecotourism and safaris
  • Water sports
  • Improvement of the transport infrastructure
  • Workshops and trainings in the tourism sector (Human Resources)

Check out the Recovery Townhall 15th Ed.: Catalina Martinez Asumu, Secretary of State in Charge of Tourism in the Ministry of Culture, Equatorial Guinea

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