Associations from all over the travel industry joined together earlier to explore how policymakers will continue to collaborate and enable them and help particular employment and travel industries after the coronavirus outbreak. Via video conferencing, ABTA, Advantage Travel Group, AITO, ATAS, BTA, SPAA, and UKinbound addressed common goals, such as quarantine, checking, and continuing employment, and awarding support structures.

The organizations decided to improve cooperation and the convergence of actions to ensure the sector urgently wants tailored help in the run-up to this autumn with frequent meetings to share input and expertise and collaborative events. The latest analysis by ABTA, which hosted the conference, reveals that there are currently 39,000 workers missing or at risk. Many more are underway as 78 percent of businesses still have redundancy consultations to begin but are expected to commence in the coming months.

“The whole travel industry is going through a time of uncertainty and challenge that never before has seen,” said Luke Petherbridge, Head of Public Affairs at ABTA. “It is our responsibility to make this case for our business as travel organizations.

“We must work together to underline the critical strategic value of travel to the broader UK economy as companies that uphold air mobility in the country and promote tourism and export profits. “We will need to give ministers substantive and realistic solutions to issues in the leisure and business travel market, in addition to championing the value of the industry.

“In April, ABTA initially began the Save Future Travel Initiative to send more than 25,000 emails to parliamentarians to support the industry. To increase awareness in the parliament of the need for targeted funding, alliance partners aim to expand on this forum and collaborate with other industrial projects and the Future Aviation Community, an international network of MPs sponsored by ABTA, AOA, Airlines UK, and other aviation agencies. The group is responsible for engaging with other relevant travel groups, and alliances and all groups interested in participating are encouraged to contact ABTA.

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