There have been and continue to be major casualties and defeats from COVID-19 around the world. The shock to the travel and tourism industry is not the least of these setbacks. When 90 % of the world ‘s people were adapted to travel restrictions and some kept home in fear of the epidemic itself, the industry almost came to a full standstill. However, experts of travel & tourism have stayed solid and stable in the face of adversity.

This article discusses the effect and effect of COVID-19 on the Travel & Tourism sector through a data-led study of four related developments, offering suggestions that will help the industry now and create its potential for future growth.

These four patterns are intertwined:

Request Evolution: Tastes and actions of the traveler changed to the familiar, predictable and optimistic. In the near term, domestic holidays, comprehensive preparations and outdoors are in progress with tourist agencies and locations adjusting now.

Health & Hygiene: In this modern age , health, protection and morale are essential. Personal perceptions, the apprehension that people will linger in another country and distance issues will direct customer behavior in the short to medium term. In order to ensure readiness, businesses would need to interact much more closely with their expanded value chains.

Innovation & Digitization: COVID-19 is a catalyst for innovation and the introduction of emerging innovations in the Travel & Tourism market. Digital penetration and consumption continue to grow with residual orders and customers anticipating contactless technology, among other items, as a simple precondition for a secure and smooth travel experience.

Sustainability: the society has been reinvigorated to solve social , financial and structural sustainability from mass unemployment and anti-racism to natural habitat restructuring. In fact, expanded public understanding of conservation and biodiversity markets has enhanced support for the preservation of conservation.

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