More than 1,000 travel managers (tour operators and agency owners) from more than twenty outbound countries engaged in a global survey from 14 to 27 September 2020. This study collected fresh insights into health credentials, passenger habits, and international reservations.

The main results of the global survey are below:

Certifications for healthy destinations remain essential for recovery

Again, the survey findings reveal that implementing health and safety certifications (almost 60%) is one of the most relevant DMOs to benefit travel delivery partners. The following top three responses cover customer marketing strategies, useful and timely data presentations, and support centers for business associates.

The number one response is the destination health and safety certificate (74 percent) when questioned about the essential client requirements when selecting a destination. COVID-19 pandemic management and pricing rankings second and third, respectively, in the destination region.

Training contributes to the new production of goods

Adaptation of the market model is the number one indicator adopted by almost half of the respondents in Q3 2020. Training services have fallen by 11%, with modern product creation (45%) and product improvement (35%) rising ranks.

The most vital tourist priorities are solo travel, hotels, and all-inclusive resorts

Clients demonstrate an increasing interest in solo (66%), hotels and resorts (64%), and all-inclusive resorts (60%). These habits are supplemented by self-catering, limited parties from 8 to 15 participants, and fly-driving accommodation.

International reservations in advance

Customers either plan to know when to depart (48%) or reserve an overseas journey less than a month in advance (21%). Last-minute bookings for European travelers are gaining in popularity (35%). In comparison, 34% of North American customers book a holiday seven months to one year before departure.

How retailer practices impact travel distributors

Forty-five percent of sales partners agree that vendors’ cancelation and versatility practices had a beneficial effect on their firms.

Travel associations have been identified as critical sources of data

During this crisis, tour operators and unions with travel companies remain the choice data base (64%), led by tourist destination offices (40%). Friends of business (35%) jumped from fifth to third in this wave.

Marketing campaigns for social network revival

In terms of marketing efforts during rehabilitation, the social network was the champion, with 7 of 10 respondents who said their critical step was social marketing. Internet marketing and sales marketing were respectively in second and third positions.

Why COVID-19 redefines duties and functions?

70 % of respondents agree that, during the remainder of 2020 and 2021, amending cancelation procedures or terms and conditions would constitute their primary undertakings. However, insurance policies have risen by 12 points.

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