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Who is Dr. Ender Saraç?

M. Ender Saraç was born in 1959 in Izmir. Ender Saraç, who has been working on Ayurveda since 1990, is married and has 3 children. During his first years from Izmir to Istanbul, he worked with Nükhet Duru at UNİFORM Health and Aesthetics Center. Later, Turkey’s first Center of Natural Medicine and Aesthetic Wellness Center Hayden founded in 1994, and expanding arrived until today. Moreover, Turkey’s first natural purification Nature Center is also one of the founders of the International Center washout.

Ayurveda book publishing Doğan, Turkey’s first Turkish book about living a natural and healthy for a long time in a short time by printing “Best Selling Books” between took place.
Turkey natural and numerous television programs about the book than the above companies and the development of consciousness about healthy living, written press interviews, seminars, conferences and panels made quite an intense work with. With this method, many well-known people from today’s art, politics and business world weaken, take preventive medicine or find cures for their diseases.

Having Ayurveda training and Family Medicine residency, Dr. Ender Saraç also has an Acupuncture certificate approved by the Ministry of Health. Ender Saraç has been applying the advanced stages of some spiritual techniques for a long time. Ender Sarac’s 2nd book of Ayurveda Healthy Weight book, released in 2002 and is currently in print, which became one of the 28 best-selling books in Turkey.

In April of 2002 for 4 weeks was Turkey’s best-selling book. His third book titled “The Healing Hand of Nature”, which was released in March 2005, became one of the best-selling books in a short time with a total of 504,000 copies. His 4th book, “Spiritual Development and Destiny”, which is in the 25th edition, was also released in January 2007 and became one of the 10 best-selling books on the official website of the Authors Association among all books, including foreign books, in 2007. “Stay Healthy and Thin in Ramadan”, the first and only book in the world in its 5th book, also attracts great attention.

Expert Dr. Ender Sarac is also Turkey’s first certified astrologer and astrology makes special studies in the health field. In addition to natural and healthy living and special studies in natural medicine, Dr. Ender Saraç’s work on Spiritual Development, Spiritual Techniques and Positive Energy Techniques also attracts the attention of the society.
Dr. Ender Saraç’s Formula 7 weight loss aid, produced in FDA-registered Douglas Laboratories from the United States, is currently attracting great interest in the market.

Providing consultancy services to various companies, Dr. The Healthy Days Program with Ender Saraç, which was broadcast on Ender Saraç Show TV in 2008 and 2009, also received a high rating and made a lot of noise in the press world.

Dr. Ender Sarac Turkey’s best-selling newspaper, is health writer in Mail newspaper writings and writings continue to attract intense interest from time to time.

Dr. Ender Saraç has also provided consultancy to Doğadan, Lipton, Douglas Laboratory and many other companies.
Dr. Ender Saraç managed the health center in Bodrum Gümüşlük, which is the first of its kind in Turkey, within Gardens of Babylon. He still continues his studies in Private Hay Polyclinic.

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Graduate
TR Ministry of Health Family Medicine Specialist
Ayurveda training and certification in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany and India Acupuncture Training and Certificate from the Turkish Acupuncture Association approved by the Ministry of Health
Aesthetic Medical Medicine Training and Certificate approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey
Workplace Medicine Training and Certificate from the Turkish Medical Association

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