The GTF Annual Meeting Indonesia Becomes a New Milestone for the Awakening of the Tourism Industry

Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy H.E. Sandiago Uno hosted the President of the World Tourism Forum Institute, Bulut BAĞCI, and his accompanying delegation at his Residence.

The Republic of Indonesia will host the ‘Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting’ in Bali, the touristic city of the country, on 17-18 November 2022. In this context, nearly 1000 delegates are expected to attend. It is planned to host tourism ministers, heads of states and leading names of the tourism industry of nearly 40 countries.

During the bilateral meeting, they held consultations on the Global Tourism Forum Annual Meeting, which will be held on November 17-18, evaluating the process that world tourism has come from after the pandemic, evaluating the will of Indonesia in this process and the steps they have taken and will take to revive tourism. Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy H.E. Sandiago Uno, once again expressed that they will give all supports for the GTF Annual Meeting to be held in Bali in November, and that tourism is very important for Indonesia. WTFI President Bulut Bağcı thanked H.E. Minister Sandiago Uno for his support and once again conveyed to H.E. Minister Uno the pride of holding the GTF Annual Meeting, which brought decision makers together, in Bali. In addition, through the Minister, Bulut BAĞCI conveyed his thanks to Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin and Indonesian President Joko Widedo.



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