President of The O Innovations 360 and Founder of Magic Life AI Hotels

With a wide range of professional affiliations and awards, Dr. Cem Kınay remains one of the most recognized names in the real estate and hospitality industries. For more than 25 years, Dr. Cem Kınay has honed his numerous business ventures to offer uncommon service and a unique experience to individuals and families around the world. As Founder and CEO of Gulet Touristik and Magic Life Hotels in Vienna, Austria, Dr. Cem Kinay introduced the concept of all-inclusive hospitality to European tourists looking for the ultimate travel experience. Over the course of his tenure with Gulet Touristik and Magic Life, Dr. Cem Kinay devised various chartered tours and an array of Mediterranean travel packages to suit all types of visitors. Catering to the needs of tourists from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, and elsewhere, Dr. Cem Kinay served more than 450,000 guests through Magic Life Hotels and over 500,000 guests per year through Gulet Touristik.

Dr. Cem Kinay earned several accolades for his work, including the “Man of the Year” award in 1997 by Austrian economic publication Trend Magazine; “Tourism Manager of the Year” in 1996 by Hotel and Touristik Magazine and the “State Honor” given by the President of Austria in 2006. Under the careful stewardship of Dr. Cem Kinay, Gulet Touristik and Magic Life earned more than 50 awards from various organizations.

As CEO of The O Property Collection, Dr. Cem Kinay focused his efforts between 2005 till 2009 on the development of Mandarin Oriental Dellis Cay Hotel in Turks and Caicos Islands.Dr. Cem Kinay is was board member of RIXOS HOTELS in 2013/14 ,which is operating hotels in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Croatia, Dubai, Switzerland.

Dr. Cem Kinay is currently President of Executive Board at Steigenberger Hotel Maslak Istanbul shareholder of Dellis Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands and CEO of The O Property Collection.

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