VP of Travel & Tourism, ADARA

Overseeing Destination, hospitality, and analytics divisions at ADARA, Darren brings over 17 years of travel industry experience working for such companies as FarePortal, WorldMate, Orbitz, and Expedia/Trip Advisor as part of Interactive Corp (IAC). The diversity of travel companies allowed him to gain valuable experience in destination, air, and hotel businesses across the globe. While working at ADARA, Darren has developed digital measurement tools for the tourism industry allowing them to accurately measure from a single marketing impression to in-market revenue.

He has been in the digital marketing industry for over 19 years dating back to a company he co-founded in 1997, called iPromotions. A Seattle company, iPromotions sold in early 2000 to 24/7 Real Media where Darren went onto various leadership roles within the company.

Darren is an active board member for the Southeast Tourism Society, California Travel, and Fort Worth Texas. Darren’s charity primary charity interest is Tourism Cares, a non-profit organization whose primary focus is to preserve and enhance the travel experience for future generations. They protect and restore at-risk destinations to insure the world can enjoy them.

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