Dorji Dhradhul is the Director-General of the Tourism Council of Bhutan since the beginning of 2019. Prior to this, he served as the Governor of Gasa district for almost four years. Tourism Council of Bhutan is the national agency for tourism in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

He completed a Masters of Science (Agriculture Extension) from the University of Reading, United Kingdom and studied at Peradeniya University in Sri Lanka for his undergraduate studies in Bachelor of Science (Agriculture).  He also served as the founding director of the Department of Agriculture Marketing and Cooperatives and as the first Registrar of Cooperatives of Bhutan. He is also a writer and has published articles in a national newspaper – Kuensel and research papers. He also authored ‘Escapades Awakenings’ – a novel that presents a uniquely different take on life in Bhutan, moving beyond the clichéd descriptions and traditional tales to lift the veil of misty romanticism and offer a glimpse into the stark realities of its society.

Presently he is a big fan of the tourism model based on the “High Value Low Volume” principle. He is also a Desuup (Guardian of Peace) since 2015.

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