Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between World Tourism Forum Institute and Global Tourism Forum?

World Tourism Forum Institute is a London based institution. World Tourism Forum Institute’s events are entitled as Global Tourism Forum.

What is Global Tourism Forum?

World Tourism Forum Institute is a London based institution. World Tourism Forum Institute’s events are entitled as Global Tourism Forum.

The Global Tourism Forum, or GTF for short, is an international research institute and a collaboration platform focused on addressing the challenges for the travel industry. Combining the joint efforts of government agencies, industry stakeholders and academia, GTF strives to achieve sustainable development models for emerging travel markets, as well as devising strategies to ensure tourism growth.

World Tourism Forum Institute organizes several initiatives aiming to promote the hosting country internationally. As a brand of WTFI, Global Tourism Forum organizes select activities designed to strengthen the country’s branding abroad.

Global Tourism Forum also plays a leading role in attracting foreign direct investment to the target country, by working to identify business opportunities, promoting strategic events and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources in target country.

Where is Global Tourism Forum taking place?

Global Tourism Forums are aiming to develop sustainable tourism all over the world. Global Tourism Forums took place in Russia, Angola, Ghana, and Turkey until today.

How to participate in Global Tourism Forum?

Special invitation or registration is needed to participate in Global Tourism Forum. Participation is limited and it is open to sector professionals.

Is Global Tourism Forum open to the media?

We bring international newspapers, magazines and TV channels to the host country. They will share information about the event and potential of tourism in the host country within the scope of the event. Press list will be clear 1 month before of event.

What are the network opportunities during the events?

During the events; awards ceremony and panels are organized according to create the network between the participants, speakers and high level guests, also B2B Meetings are the basic points for the elaborate the networks.

What is Regional Meeting?

Regional meetings are designed to boost the host country’s tourism. Regional Meetings are must-attend events for local councils, regional tourism organisations, tourism professionals, business and government personnel who wish to contribute to the future of regional tourism in hosting country. Regional meetings provide delegates with opportunities for professional and business development, networking and engagement with industry colleagues, and the chance to hear from industry-leading speakers on critical industry issues, innovative ideas, and investment opportunities on a single region. Regional Meetings are briefer events in contrast to Global Meetings. 1,000 delegates from all over the world attend in the meetings.

What are the participation opportunities?

During the events, you can find unique opportunities to grow your business network. You can have business meetings with tourism professionals, governmental and non-governmental organization executives, domestic and foreign operators, travel agencies, tourism organizations, high-level executives of hotel and resorts etc. These meetings will help participant to make direct contacts with potential partners in order to follow the news and trends in tourism, promote their business and share experiences.

What are the benefits of the organizations to hosting country?

Enable participants to acquire an overview of the current and future strategies for hosting country and build synergies among all the stakeholders for a shared vision. Build together a set of general guidelines, which, by including integrated and relevant content, can be used as a reference for action to develop host country’s tourism.

Who are the target audiences?

Leaders shaping the world tourism, travel agencies and tour operators, local and foreign businessmen, investment groups and bankers, investment consultancy companies, politicians, senior executives and public authorities will form the majority of the groups participating in the event. The number of visitors will be limited at the event. A special invitation will be sent to the target audience.

What is a destination master plan?

A tourism master plan is the roadmap for destination success. It is a crucial first step that will address three important questions: “Where are we?” “Where do we want to go?” “How do we get there?”

World Tourism Forum’s goal is to contribute to improving the destinations’ profitability and their long-term sustainability through innovative tourism master plans, improving their competitiveness, creating partnerships and engages the public and private sectors to encourage their participation and commitment to achieve a shared vision for the destination. The master planning process will secure local buy-in, define the actionable steps needed to achieve common goals, and provide you with the ability to track results and adapt to.

At the end of our comprehensive process, destinations will have a 5-year strategic vision, strategy, and action plan for developing tourism in a sustainable manner for the benefit of local residents, investors, and tourism operators. Do you need a master plan for your destination? Our highly experienced team can help you.

What is global marketing management?

If you are going to expand tourism for your destination, you have to think big. There are only so many possible tourists within your immediate area, so to increase your number of visitors you have to know how to market globally.

However, that’s a huge challenge that requires the right kind of network and expertise. If you are looking to promote your country internationally, it helps to have the right partner who can help you attract tourists from all over the world. Do you want to promote your country? Our highly experienced team can help you.