Minister, State at the Government of Republic of Macedonia

Furkan ÇAKO currently works as the Minister for Foreign Investments at the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. Prior to his assignment to this post, Mr. Çako served as the Adviser to the Minister on Foreign Relations and Foreign Investment Issues. Mr. Çako currently is a M.A. candidate at the SEE University in Tetovo, Mr. Çako holds B.A. in International Relations from Gazi University in Ankara. Mr. Çako has participated in different International conferences and organizations and has completed an internship programs at the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Copenhagen, the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Ankara, the Delegation of the EU Commission to Turkey and at the Skopje based think-tank Analytica. His academic research areas are Visegrad 4 Initiative, Diplomacy, Security Studies and Integration of the Western Balkans to the EU. His research of interest regions are the Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Turkey. Mr. Çako speaks English, Slovak, Turkish, Macedonian, Albanian and Serbo-Croatian and Russian languages.

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