President, Investment Holding of Knowledge

Investment Holding of Knowledge President Ibrahim Halil Korkmaz started working at an early age, 17, in the family business and thus amassed a large business acumen over the years, enabling him with an unique perspective into the future of every project he enters. Always enjoying being one of the firsts to enter diverse fields, Korkmaz started Tour Operation and Travel Agencies in Moscow and Antalya simultaneously, two enterprises he successfully managed until 2012.
“My recipe for success is simple; while others look on, those who know persist and do!”

Korkmaz avoids the common and being a follower, his start-ups are smartly interlinked; such as his advertising agency (2007), agriculture (2010), renewable energy enterprise (2014) and, BLEND Hospitality & Concultancy(2014) and Molton Hotels (2015).

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