General Director Promotion Office, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey

Born in Eregli date 04/09/1971. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences in 1994. 06.22.1995 Date of Assistant Inspector of the Ministry of Culture, 10.15.1998 Date of the Inspectorate, Ministry of Culture and Tourism on 23/01/2006 was appointed Inspector. Culture and Tourist Office in London has been assigned the task of continuing on 07/12/2007 3 years after the date of 02.19.2011 the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, was appointed Inspector. Promotion began on 12/08/2011 Acting Assistant General Manager. Copyrights on 26/06/2012 was appointed Deputy General Manager. 06/09 / 2012-06 / 05/2013 were found between the deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board. Since 07.05.2013 has been the Acting Director General for Promotion. Foreign language is English, is married and has one child.

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