John Linn is Head – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. He leads High-Profile Domestic and International Theme Park Projects. He is driving his strategy, vision, and results-driven professional with extensive experience and a record of success in managing large, complex projects from pre-concept to public opening for a leader in the theme park industry.

Jonh demonstrated his ability to quickly comprehend the complicated design and engineering challenges, and identified an appropriate course of action and/or solution. He is establishing common goals and leading diverse teams of creative and functional experts during the design and construction of unique, never been done before projects.

Jonh Linn has dedicated more than three decades to SeaWorld and Entertainment at international leadership and management levels from 1994 up to now. Prior to this career, he spent his time for Enatec.Inc.

He graduated in higher education and held the degree of Master of Administration in 2002 at Washington University.

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