Founder & Architect, SPACE Architects & Designers

Kaan Çetinkaya is the founder of award winning Architecture and Interior design company ‘SPACE’. Founded 1997, SPACE architects & designers create Architectural and Interior design concepts in numerous creative projects, mostly for hospitality Industry. Being a part of several hospitality development projects he is also co-founder of ALAN Project Development and Management Company with his hotelier partners and also creates hospitality development projects.

He is designing different sizes of thematic hotels and creates a variety of concepts, by analyzing the realities of the industry and the target of the investments. He has 18-year design experience and uses ‘design’ as a marketing tool and combines it with hospitality development and investment stages.

After graduated from TED College in 1988 he studied interior architecture and environmental design at Bilkent University. He completed his master degree on Architectural Design and Marketing between 1992 and 1995.

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