Prof. Dr. Kim Soo-il is the Secretary-General of the Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO).

With the important role of leader, Prof. Dr. Kim Soo-il has driven TPO  carrying out a wide range of activities such as supporting the exchange of information and opinions among member cities, marketing for tourist destinations, jointly developing tourism products, fostering tourism talents, and holding TPO Forum and seminars to help the establishment of tourism promotion policy. Based on his extensive experience, he leads the team building a database for tourism destinations of member cities, support for tourism branding of member cities, and organize a ‘TPO Consulting Team’ to offer a range of tourism promotion consulting services tailored for member cities.

He achieved valuable degrees on Graduate School of PNU, Busan, Korea (M.A. in Politics); Dept. of Political Science, UKM, Malaysia (Ph.D. Course); Graduate School, HUFS (Ph.D. in Int’l Relations);

He has importantly dedicated himself as  Policy Advisor to Presidential Council for N.E. Asia, Honorary Consul of Indonesia in Busan; Ambassador of Korea to Democratic Rep. of Timor Leste and Chair Professor, Daeshin Univ.

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