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Founder and Travel Writer at Souvenir Finder, company founded by Kristin Francis, has been featured in Travel and Leisure, Huffington Post, Weight Watchers and Racked as well as New York Post, Trivago and Walks of Italy. Kristin Francis about herself: “I’m a New York City attorney/consultant and creator of the site Souvenir Finder. I chose to write about shopping for fun things as I travel (and more importantly the cultural quirks and stories behind the physical things) because no one else was writing about them! I love to travel and scope out local shops along the way. But finding local shops when traveling was getting harder and harder– every high street from New York to London to Seoul was starting to look depressingly similar. Small, independent shops that I once loved were shuttered on return visits, replaced by chain stores.

I started this website to encourage others to get offline and seek out their own travel experiences– the souvenir is just the topping on the cake, the memory that you can wrap your hands around and bring home with you. It’s unfortunate that the word souvenir has gotten a bad rap from its association with those mass-produced, dust collecting trinkets flooding tourist sites”.

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