Deputy of Head of Representation, Catalan Tourist Board

Graduated as an economist, specialized in foreign relations, from Moscow State University of Foreign Affaire (MGIMO) in 2000 has started her career in tourism. Since 2004 passed to the position of deputy director of Eastern Europe offices of Catalonia Tourist Board. Since 2005 is an active member of ANTOR Board.

Participates in tourism related congresses all over Russia and CIS countries. Is working on her doctor thesis on public-private partnership in tourism.


In 2010 was awarded a medal for the “Merits in Tourism” by Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Poland.

In 2012 awarded a Diploma for the merits in tourism industry development bu Commettee for Tourism of Moscow

In 2013 awarded a Diploma for merits in promotion of Catalonia as tourist destination in Russia and Eastern Europe by Government of Catalonia

In 2013 awarded by annual ANTOR Russia Award named after Barnabasha Lakotoshi

In 2014 awarded by Rosturism for merits in development of tourism.

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