Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs – Indonesia

Mahendra Siregar (born in 1962) is the Indonesian Ambassador to the United States. On 25 October 2019 he was appointed as the deputy minister of foreign affairs supporting Indonesian foreign minister Retno Marsudi in the second Jokowi cabinet appointed two days earlier on 23 October.

Earlier, he had been appointed as Ambassador to the US by president Joko Widodo in 2018. He had taken up his post in Washington DC in early 2019. Mahendra is a respected economist in Indonesia who has held various senior positions within the Indonesian bureaucracy.

Mahendra undertook tertiary education, first, at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. He later graduated with a Masters in Economics from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, in 1991.

Following Mahendra’s appointment as deputy minister of foreign affairs in October 2019, it was reported that President Jokowo had indicated that he should take on two main tasks: concluding trade negotiations with the United States on specific matters, and taking steps to support the Indonesian palm industry.

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