Executive Committee Member Ağaoğlu Group of Companies

Graduating from Galatasaray University Department of Industrial Engineering in 2001, Mehmet Burak Kutluğ joined Akfen Holding in 2003 working in the Department of Subsidiaries and Project Development. Kutluğ was involved in Akfen Holding’s remarkable projects primarily including the privatizations of Mersin International Airport, TUVTURK Vehicle Inspection Stations and Kuşadası Cruise Port as well as the investments in City Hotels, airport and water, waste water and infrastructure by taking active role in the processes of tender-winning, establishing strategic and financial partnerships and project financing.

Serving out as the Manager at Budget Planning and Management Office of TUVTURK, of which he was one of the founding members, Kutluğ returned back to Akfen Holding in February 2007 as the Business Development Manager and assumed the role of Business Development Coordinator at Akfen starting from January 2011.

During this period, he contributed to many achievements such as acquiring IDO Istanbul Fast Ferries Co. Inc. from privatization, creating and developing an energy portfolio based on renewable energy and natural gas, winning the contracts for three major hospital projects let out by the Ministry of Health under the scope of Public Private Partnership, developing projects to invest and operate for student housing. Kutluğ performed business development operations in various areas from distribution to real estate, healthcare, logistics, transport and financial industries.

Having taken up an active and key role in a number of important processes such as structuring of the subsidiaries and the projects, selling shares from subsidiaries, obtaining long-term project financings and the IPO, SPO and Bond Issuances of Akfen Holding, Mehmet Burak Kutluğ currently serves as the Chief Business Development Officer and Executive Committee Member at Ağaoğlu Group of Companies.

At Mobilera, Öney led Unilever’s interactive outdoor campaign for Cornetto, which won two prestigious global awards: Best Mobile Marketing and Advertising at the GSMA in Barcelona and Best Innovation EMEA at the Smarties in Los Angeles.

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