Famous Turkish News Personality and Journalist

Mesut Yar was born on April 17th, 1966 in İstanbul. He graduated Istanbul University’s Department of Protohistoria and Asia Minor in 1993. He started to studying journalism at İstanbul University but he did not graduate.

Mesut Yar began in journalism as a trainee in 1985. He worked as a columnist, editor for the Hürriyet, Sabah and Posta newspapers. He was published in Yön Magazine with a team. After Yön Magazine was closed, he founded the CNBC-E with his friends from the magazine. He has been continuing as a presenter now.

Later, he worked as a presenter, producer and anchorman for national channels like Show TV, Number One TV, HBB TV, Kanal 6, Star TV, Cine 5, ATV and as a General Manager for Kanal 1, ATV Avrupa, and Türkçe TV.

Today Mesut Yar is still writing ın his section that is named “Televizyon Hastası” column for the Posta Newspaper. His various storıes, poems and interview books were published. He presents “Burada Laf Çok Show” in CNN TÜRK channel every weeknight.

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