Tourism Expert at Ministry of Economy, Government of UAE

Before working for the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates in January 2016 as a Tourism Advisor, Mohamed was representing the Egyptian Tourism Board as a Tourism Attaché and Marketing Director in UK, Ireland and Nordic countries for almost 4 years as a diplomate in the Egyptian Embassy in London. He witnessed a very a critical time for the Egyptian Tourism Sector. He started working in the tourism industry since 2003 with the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt and he went through different areas from managing international campaigns to marketing research to international destination marketing. His current role in the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates as a Tourism Advisor includes advising in all tourism related initiatives and projects, tourism national development strategies and plans, destination management, UAE TSA project and leading the cooperation between the international tourism organizations and the government of UAE including the UNWTO.

Mohamed Has a master degree in Tourism Destination Management from Granada University in Spain and a bachelor degree in tourism from Cairo University.

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