Neşet Koçkar is the founder and owner of ANEX Tourism Group companies. Growing in a rapid and confident manner, ANEX now operates under the name ANEX Tour in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Germany and also with its OREX Travel tour operator companies in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. The group operates 26 Boeing aircraft with three different airline companies in Russia, Ukraine, and Germany under the brand AZUR Air on the back of significant efforts in the air transportation field. Also, it has AZEX brokerage company operating in aviation, ADO Aviation, a private air transport company, and AZUR Aviation, a technical service company. ANEX Tour is a tour operator carrying a total of 3 million tourists each year with its own companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Dominican Republic, and Greece as well as with its operations in more than 35 other countries. ANEX Tour operates in Russia with 318 tour operator offices and also with 29 offices in the ANEX Shop sales office network.

Mr. Koçkar also has lodging industry investments in various countries. In Turkey, his company has Zen Hotels (Phaselis Princess Hotel and The Inn Resort Hotel) and Life Hotels (Green Hill Hotel) umbrella brands as well as Syedra Princess Hotel, Sun Princess Hotel, Vista Hotel, and Anex Sky Hotel. As of 2017, Selectum Luxury Resort Hotel, which serves in the five-star and luxury segments, opened its doors in Belek, Antalya. The Group boasts hotel management investments in Vietnam and Thailand under the brand name Diva Hotels and further hotel investments in Egypt and Cyprus.

Mr. Koçkar has made investments in businesses other than the tourism industry: These include A Enerji in the energy industry; an active hydroelectric power plant (HEPP), another HEPP that is under construction, and Turkey’s largest solar power project.

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