Digital PR & International Online Media Manager, Emilia Romagna Tourist Board

Nicholas Montemaggi is the Digital PR of the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board in Italy. He has been a member of the Tourist Board’s Web Strategy & Marketing department since 2010, and is in charge of the International Digital & Online Media Relations.He is the co-founder and Project Manager of BlogVille Italy. Launched in 2012, it provides international social media influencers a home in Italy, from where they are able to discover the destination in total freedom and to live like a local in Italy. The initiative results in sharing content on their blogs and social media channels, in order to create awareness and especially to fill the gap of the “lack of online content in foreign language” about the region.

The Emilia Romagna Tourist Board improves every year its digital strategy, creating new concepts and campaigns like BlogVille Italy, working actively with online influencers and storytellers from its key markets, including as well collaborations and cooperations with other Italian and European Tourist Boards, in order to present the destination to the visitors both online and offline in a completely new way.

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