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You’re probably wondering who us “Goats” are! Well, we’re Nick & Dariece, the Canadian videographers and writers behind this travel blog. We’ve been travelling to off-track destinations since 2008, and our passion for culture and adventure has driven us to find numerous ways to make money on the road so that we can continue our life of full-time exploration.This blog and other online businesses now earn us a better living than our jobs in Canada ever did!

We share our financial tips, earning methods and travel stories with you, our readers, in the hopes that we can inspire you to live a freer life. We want to help show you how to turn your travels into a lifestyle.

We’ve chosen this unconventional way of life and are completely stress-free, happy and alive. No nine-to-fives, no boss, no planning for retirement, no white picket fence, no mortgage and most importantly, no debt.Starting a travel blog was the best thing that we ever did! It has combined our love for travel, photography and videography and given us an outlet to help others plan for their trips.

We sort of have two sides to our website – planning for travel, and sustaining travel. We love being able to help people prepare and plan, and give ideas on which countries to visit and what to do while there. We also love showing our readers how they can sustain their travels and make them last forever! Work once consumed us. There was a time when we had a mortgage and cars, good jobs and expensive things, but in realizing the futility of material possessions, we gained a new outlook on life itself.

We are the architects of our own reality and we are here to inspire you to create a happier life for yourself. Happiness comes in many forms, but for us, we find joy through travel and eye-opening experiences.

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