Nunung Rusmiati is Chairperson of ASITA DP.  Dr. Nunung Rusmiati, M.Sc, is confirmed to be officially the Chairperson of the ASITA DPP for the period 2019-2024. Her vision is to realize a business climate conducive to the growth and development of professional travel services businesses that are competitive in both domestic and international markets.

Nunung Rusmiati (born in 1965) revealed that there were 10 work programs for her as the new ASITA Chairperson, namely improving the secretariat, providing periodic financial reports, improving the ability of online systems that are competitive, building multiple systems in web sites and e-mail, summarizing issues from ASITA members throughout Indonesia, such as airline ticket prices, reduced commissions, paid baggage, etc., increasing cooperation and synergy with other tourism associations, proving and continuing good relations with ASITA organizations with the Ministry of Tourism, resolving issues with the Minister of Finance and BPK, increasing lobbying with the DPR, and in one year there was an ASITA Fair event.

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