Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

In 1995, she graduated with honors from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Architecture, Department of Urban and Regional Planning. In 1998, she received a master’s degree from the Middle East Technical University. The topic of the dissertation in the program “Local Government and Urban Policy” is “Politics and the Process of Renewing Turkish Cities”.

In 1999, according to the program, Jean Monnet of the European Union received a second master’s degree, defending a dissertation for the degree in “Planning in Turkey in the field of tourism and management” at the University of Birmingham, at the School of Public Policy Department of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

In 1997–2014 she worked in various domestic and international divisions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey. Work in the field of urban planning; Attache for Culture and Tourism in The Hague; Deputy Director of the representative office of the Ministry in Istanbul.

In 2010, she headed the Department of International Promotion at the 2010 Istanbul-Cultural Capital of Europe Agency.

July 2014 — December 2018: she was the Secretary General of Istanbul Development Agency; General Director of the Congress and Visitors Bureau of Istanbul; Member of the Board of the Union of European Promotion Agencies (EURADA) and the European Cities Marketing Association.

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