Recovery & Beyond



World Tourism Forum Institute is London based think-tank focus on tourism industry and develops projects over economics and investment which are linked with tourism.


Rehhaping Economies Through Tourism
The main economic advantage of tourism-related activities is that they contribute to developing countries ‘ three high priority goals: income generation, jobs, and foreign exchange earnings. The tourism sector will play an important role in this regard as a driving force for economic development. The effect this industry can have depends on the specific characteristics of each country in the various stages of economic development. Given the complexity of tourism consumption, its economic impact is widely felt in other manufacturing sectors, leading to the accelerated development goals in each case.

2020 Agenda

Recovery and Beyond

Recovery and Beyond is  Hybrid conference uniting the travel industry into a 1-day Face to Face and e-conference full of sessions from all over the world and the industry. Goal
is to assist the industry recover all the missed opportunities due to conference cancellations, unite the travel industry, and prepare together for the day after COVID-19. Recovery and Beyond will enable participants to acquire an overview of the current and future strategies for the post-COVID-19 tourism industry and build synergies among all the stakeholders for a shared vision. Build together a set of general guidelines, which can be used as a reference for action to develop tourism globally by including integrated and relevant content.


Time zone: Turkey (GMT+3)


08.30 – 09.00  Moderator: Dr. Jia Xiao Fang


Mrs. Zhai Rui, Marketing Director of China, Valais-Matterhorn Region Tourism Bureau, Switzerland

Mr. Han Guo Xing, General Manager, HILTON Wenchang Hainan, China

Ms. Zou Tang Yu, Director, China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Session: Global Tourism Forum Recovery & Beyond Summit 2020 China Tourism Industry Recovery & Sustainable Development

09.00 – 09.30  Interview – Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary General, ASEAN

09.30 – 09.35  Opening Remarks – Sumaira Isaacs, CEO, World Tourism Forum Institute

09.35 – 10.00  Moderator: Neslihan Gündeş

Speaker: Bulut Bağcı, Chairperson, World Tourism Forum Institute

Session: Chairperson’s Address

09.55 – 10.00 Speaker: David Sassoli, President European Parliament

Keynote Session: Europe Leads the Way in Post-Pandemic Era

10.00 – 10.20  Moderator: Sumaira Isaacs

Speaker: Henrik Hololei, Director General Transport & Mobility, European Comission

Session: A forward looking Transport strategy, Leads the way in post covid era

10.20 – 10.50  Moderator: Adesewa Josh


Ambassador Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari, Secretary General, D-8

Dr. Wali Teymouri, Vice Minister Of Tourism of I.R. of Iran

Dr. Mallick Anwar Hossain, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Bangladesh

Mr. Aliyu Abana, Director, Ministry of Information and Tourism of Nigeria

Mr. Shahid Iqbal, Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

Mr. Malik Babur Javed, Manager, Pakistan Tourism Development Cooperation

Session: Tourism during the Covid-19 in Developing-8 Countries and Forecasts for Future

10.50 – 11.25  Moderator: Adesewa Josh

Speaker: Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Chairperson of Authority, Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS

Session: Africa Rising

11.30- 12.00   Moderator: Bulut Bağcı

Speaker: H.E. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlı, Minister of Youth and Sports, Republic of Turkey

Keynote Session: The Role of Sports Tourism

12.00 – 12.30 Speaker: Dr. Ender Saraç – Doctor, Turkey

Keynote Session: Healthcare & Wellness

12.30 – 12.55  Promotional Partnership


Xavier Zanetti, Vice President of Inter Milan Football Club

Michael Christides, Secretary General, BSEC –  Blacksea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

Rebecca Sta Maria, Executive Director, APEC – The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

An Pich Hatda, CEO, MRC – Mekong River Commision

13.00 – 13.20  Moderator: Sumaira Isaacs

Speaker: Rashid Toefy, Deputy Director General, Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government, South Africa

Session: Cape Town Success Case Study

13.20 – 13.35  Moderator: Sumaira Isaacs

Speaker: Kairat Sadvakassov, Vice Chairman Of The Board “Kazakh Tourism” National Company” JSC

Session: Reinventing Tourism Kazakh way

13.35 – 13.40 Interview – Dr. Tandi Dorji, Foreign Affairs and Chairperson of Tourism Council of Bhutan

13.40 – 13.42 Interview: Alessandro Dassi, CEO, Thomas Cook China

13.45 – 14.15  Interview: Hala Matar Choufany, CEO, HVS Middle East

14.15 – 14.35 Speaker:Özgül Özkan Yavuz, Vice Minister, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Republic of Turkey

Keynote Speech – Tourism the only way forward for Turkish Economy

14.35 – 15.00  Moderator: Arda Saygıner

Interview: Ralph Radtke, General Manager, Çırağan Palace Kempinski

15.00 – 15.30  Moderator: Bulut BAĞCI

Interview:  Fettah Tamince, Chairperson, Rixos Hotels

15.30 – 16.00  Moderator: Bulut BAĞCI

Interview: Neşet Koçkar, Chairperson, ANEX Tour  (Thomas Cook)

16.00 – 16.20  Moderator: Mathias Basabose

Interview: Bokhit Maguine Sitty, Director General of Toruism Minsitry, Chad
Abakar Rozzi Teguil, Cordinator General National office of Tourism, Chad
Christian Mbina, CEO Gabon Tourism Agency, Gabon
Nyangi Roderick-Victor, Deputy Director of Cabinet Ministry Tourism, DRC

16.20 – 16.45  Moderator: Sumaira Isaacs

Interview: Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary Generl UNWTO – Patron and Founder Member and Chairperson, Project Hope, Africa Tourism Board

16.45-17.00 Promotional Partnership

Speaker: Xavier Zanetti, Vice President of Inter Milan Football Club

17.00-17.30 Moderator: TRT World

Speaker: Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, Chairperson Pakistan Tourism & Minister of State, Pakistan

Keynote Speech: The Meteoric Rise of Pakistan’s Tourism Potential  

17.30-18.00 Moderator: Bulut Bağcı

Speaker: Umar Imtiaz, Chairperson, Imtiaz Holdings

Session: Tourism Investments


18.00 – 18.25 Moderator: Larissa Tishevskaya


Susan Robertson, President & CEO, ASAE – American Society of Association

Pádraic Gilligan , Chief Marketing Officer , SITE – Society for Incentive Travel Excellence

Sven Bossu, Chief Executive Officer, AIPC – International Association of Convention Centres

Senthil Gopinath, Chief Executive, ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association

Chip Rogers, President and CEO, AHLA – The American Hotel and Lodging Association

Session: Post Covid Reinvention & Relevance for Membership based Associations

18.25 – 19.00 Moderator: Luca Favetta


Oscar Cerezales, Global Executive Vice President Corporate Division, MCI Group

Nicola Kastner, VP, Global Head of Event Marketing Strategy, SAP

Heike Mahmoud, Chief Operating Officer , Hamburg Congress Centre CCH

Session: The World Of MICE, are We Ready

19.00 – 19.40 Moderator: Sumaira Isaacs


Patrick  L .Osewe, Chief of Health Sector Group-HQ, Asian Development Bank

Laurel Ostfield, Director General, Communications Department, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Session: Financial security in the post of COVID-19 recovery – How Banks are leading the way

19.40 – 20.15 Moderator: Jeannette Ceja


Flavia Santoro , Chairperson, Colombia Tourism Board

Kimarli Fernando, Chairperson, SriLanka

Dorji Dhradhul, Director General, Tourism Council of Bhutan

Karen Bolinger, MD, APAC – PCMA

Patrick Torrent, Executive Director, Catalan Tourism Board

Session: Transformation From Destination Management to Destination Marketing

20.15 – 21.05 Moderator: Richard Adam


Prof. Valentina Ndou, University of Salento (Italy)

Prof. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute

Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis, Bournemouth University (UK)

Session: Roadmap to rebuilding tourism resilience post covid – An Academic’s view

21.05 – 22.00 Moderator: Doris Parsons


Cuthbert Ncube, Executive Chairman, African Tourism Board

H.E Ambassador Amina Salum Ali, Minister of Trade & Industry, Zanzibar – Zanzibar Trade & Industry, Zanzibar

Linda Nxumalo, CEO, Eswatini Tourism Board – Eswatini – Eswatini Tourism Board

Alain St. Ange, Former Minister of Tourism, Seychelles

Ariella Kageruka, Head of Department, Tourism & Conservation – Rwanda Rwanda

Tshifhiwa Tshivengwa, CEO, South African Business Tourism Council – SA Tourism Business Council South Africa

Session: Africa: Open & Ready for Tourism Investment

22.00 – 22.45 Moderator: Jerad Bachar


Craig Davis, President & CEO, Visit Dallas

Royce Chwin, CEO, Tourism Vancouver

Kerri Verbeke Kapich, COO, San Diego Tourism

Elliott Ferguson, DMO, Destination Washington DC

Session: Post election era gain to override post covid loss

22.45 – 23.45 Moderator: Bob Chambers


Frank P. Stanek, Former President of Universal Studios International

Bob Ward, Chairperson of Qiddiya Advisory Board

Nick Winslow, Former President of Warner Bros. Recreation Enterprises

Mike Denninger, Senior Vice President of Attractions for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Cale Heit, President & CEO, Forrec Ltd.

Session: Spotlight on the tourism attractions industry

23.45 – 00.25 Moderator: Juliano Lissoni


Thomas Emanuel, Director, STR

John Martinez , Shocklogic

Dr. Baris Onay , Digital & Commercial Transformation Leader

Session: Impact Assessment of Covid 19 – The truth behind the data & How digital will shape the way people travel post covid

00.25 – 00.50 Moderator: Alexis Kereluk


Topher White Rainforest, CEO, Rainforest Connection

Guy Bigwood, Managing Director, Global Destination Sustainability Movement

 Katarina Thorstonson, Head of Sustainability, Goteborg and Co., Sweden

Session: Time for inclusive and regenerative tourism to build back sustainability

00.50 – 01.10 Closing Ceremony


09.30  Registration  will be opened for participants

10.00 – 10.02 Opening by MC:  Rendy Wicaksana , Producer & News Anchor VOA Indonesia

10.02 – 10.05 National Anthem “Indonesia Raya”

10.05 – 10.12 Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, Chairperson of Indonesia Tourism Forum

10.15 – 10.30 Opening Remarks by  Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia

10.30 – 10.40 Opening Ceremony
Photo Session
Culture Performance : Udumbhara Dance ( DKI Jakarta)

10.40 – 10.55 Special Speaker : Mr. Rudiantara, Minister of  Communications, and Information Technology Indonesia (2014-2019)

“The Importance of Information Technology in Future Tourism”

10.53 – 11.10 Guest Speaker : Mr. Bulut Bagci, President of World Tourism Forum Institute

Followed by the video presentation of Recovery and Beyond

11.12 – 11.27 Keynote Speaker : Mr.  Mahendra Siregar ,  Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia

11.30 – 13.00 Break for Friday prayer
Tourism Destination promotion (video)
Modest Fashion Show (video)
Culture Performance: Traditional music Sasando

Moderator  : Wahyu Indrasto,  Tourism Senior Journalist

13.00 – 13.15 Special Speaker :  Mr. Noor Ahmad Hamid, ICCA, Regional Director of Asia Pacific

13.22 – 14.15 Industry Session Part I
Reinventing Tourism Industry & New Business Models”
Contributed Speakers :

  1. Mingkwan Metmowlee, President of ASEANTA
  2. Nigel Wong, Honorary Secretary General of MATTA
  3. N. Rusmiati, Chairman of Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies ( ASITA)
  4. Maulana Yusran, Secretary General of Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Association (IHRA)

14.15 – 14.23 Entertainment by Sasando (singer)

14.25 – 15.10 Industry Session Part  II
 “ Technology  and New Strategy in Traveling”
Contributed Speakers :

  1. Denon Prawiraatmadja, Chairman of Indonesia National Air Carriers Association INACA
  2. Helen Chuang ,Executive Assistant to Chairman, Festour, Taiwan
  3. Adi Satria, Vice President Sales Marketing Loyalty and Distribution Accor Hotels Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia

15.13 – 16.13 INVESTOR SESSION
Moderator : Dr. Sapta Nirwandar, Chairperson of Indonesia Tourism Forum
“Possible Investment and Opportunities”
Contributed Speakers :

  1. Abdulbar M Mansoer, President Director of Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)
  2. Kim Soo-Il, Secretary General of Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) for Asia Pacific Cities
  3. Setyono Djuandi Darmono, Chairman and Founder Jababeka Group

16.15 – 16.30 Closing Remarks :
Mr. Ahmad Riza Patria, Vice Governor of Jakarta Special Region Province

16:30 Closing


H.E. Mustafa Şentop

Speaker of Grand National Assembly – Turkey

H.E. David Sassoli

President – European Parliament

H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat

Chairperson – African Union Commission

H.E. Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari

Minister of State – Pakistan

H.E. Patalet Géo

Minister of Tourist Development, Culture, and Crafts – Chad

H.E. Mehmet Kasapoğlu

Youth and Sports Minister – Turkey

H.E. Dr. Tandi Dorji

Minister of Foreign Affair and Chairperson of Tourism Council of Bhutan

Taleb Rifai

Former Secretary General, Patron and Founder Member and Chairperson, UNWTO

H.E Urken Bisakayev

Vice Minister of Culture and Sports – Kazakhstan

H.E. Özgül Özkan Yavuz

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism – Turkey

H.E. Alain St. Ange

Former Minister of Tourism – Seychelles

H.E. Wishnutama Kusubandio

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia

H.E Mahendra Siregar

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs – Indonesia

H.E. Rudiantara

Minister of Communication and IT – Indonesia (2014-2019)

H.E. Ahmad Riza Patria

Vice Governor of Jakarta Special Region Province

H.E. Ali Asghar Mounesan

President of the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization – Iran

H.E. Dr. Mallick Anwar Hossain

Joint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism – Bangladesh

H.E. Dr. Wali Teymouri

Vice Minister of Tourism of I.R., Iran

H.E Pascal Jouangni Ambouroue

Minister of Tourism – Gabon

Aliyu Abana

Director, Ministry of Information and Tourism of Nigeria

Dato’ Ku Jaafar Ku Shaari

Secretary General – Developing 8

Lim Jock Hoi

Secretary General – ASEAN

Amb. Micheal B. Christides

Secretary General – Black Sea Economic Cooperation

Javier Zanetti

Vice President – Inter Milan

Patrick L .Osewe

Chief of Health Sector Group-HQ – Asian Development Bank

Laurel Ostfield

Director General of Communications – Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Akinwumi Adesina

President – African Development Bank

Flavia Santoro

President- Colombia Tourism Board

Prof. Valentina Ndou

Aggregate Professor on Management Engineering Department – University of Salento

Prof. Wolfgang Georg Arlt

Founder & Director – China Outbound Tourism Institute

Prof. Dimitrios Buhalis

Professor in Marketing, Strategy and Innovation – Bournemouth University

Shahid Iqbal

Director, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan

Malik Babur Javed

Manager, Pakistan Tourism Development Cooperation

Adesewa Josh

Broadcast Journalist, TRT World

Maria Ramos

Master of Ceremony, TRT World

Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa

CEO – Tourism Business Council South Africa

John Martinez

CEO – Shocklogic

Neset Kockar

Chairperson, Anex Tour

Kairat Sadvakassov

Vice Chairman Of The Board “Kazakh Tourism” National Company” JSC

Jerad Bachar

President & CEO – Visit Pittsburgh

Craig Davis

President & CEO – Visit Dallas

William “Chip” Rogers

President & CEO – American Hotel & Lodging Association

Kimarli Fernando

Chairperson – Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority

Juliano Lissoni

Managing Director Canda – MCI

Linda Nxumalo

CEO – Eswatini Tourism Board

Sven Bossu

CEO – International Association of Congress Centers

Mark Tanzer


Royce Chwin

CEO – Tourism Vancouver

Kerri Verbeke Kapich

COO – San Diego Tourism

Elliott Ferguson

CEO – Destination DC

Dr. Sapta Nirwandar

Chairperson – Indonesia Tourism Forum

Cuthbert Ncube

Chairperson – African Tourism Board

Dorji Dhradhul

Director General – Tourism Council of Bhutan

Senthil Gopinath


Sumaira Isaacs


Patrick Torrent

President & CEO – NECSTouR

Sheriff Karamat

President & CEO – PCMA

Luca Favetta

International Council Member – WTFI

Ralph Radtke

General Manager – Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski

Hala Matar Choufany

President Middle East, Africa & South Asia – HVS

Dr. Ender Saraç


Bulut Bağcı

President – WTFI

Dr. Jia Xiao Fang

Secretary General for China – WTFI

Bob Chambers

Founder and Co-CEO – The Producers Groupâ

Thomas Emanuel

Director – STR

Adam Sacks

President – Tourism Economics

Bani Haddad

Managing Director – Aleph Hospitality

Alexis Kereluk

Partner – Connect7Group

Topher White

CEO – Rainforest

Guy Bigwood

Managing Director – Global Destination Sustainability Movement

Ramsay Rankoussi

VP Development, Africa & Turkey – Radisson Hotel Group

David Wilson

Leader of the Expansion at Disneyland Paris

Larissa Tishevskaya

CEO – Forum Destinations Marketing

Karen Bolinger

Managing Director – PCMA

Pádraic Gilligan

CMO, Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE)

Tom Mehrmann

President & CEO – Universal Studios Resort Beijing China

John Linn

Head – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Bob Ward

Chairperson of the Board – Qiddiya Development Saudi Arabia

Imad Barrakad

Chairperson of the Management Board – Moroccan Society of Tourism Engineering

Dr. Baris Onay

Digital & Commercial Transformation Leader

Oscar Cerezales

Global Executive VP Corporate Division, MCI Group

Heike Mahmoud

COO – Congress Center Hamburg

Nicola Kastner

VP, Global Head of Event Marketing Strategy – SAP

Susan Robertson

President & CEO, American Society of Association Executives (ASAE)

Rebecca Sta Maria

Executive Director, APEC

An Pich Hatda


KITAOKA Shinichi

President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Noor Ahmad Hamid

Regional Director of Asia Pacific – ICCA

Mingkwan Metmowlee

President – ASEANTA

Nigel Wong

Honorary Secretary General – MATTA

N. Rusmiati

Chairperson – Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA)

Maulana Yusran

Secretary General – Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (IHRA)

Denon Prawiraatmaja

Chairperson – Indonesia National Carriers Association (INACA)

Abdulbar Mansoer

President Director – Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

Richard Adam

Member of International Council – WTFI

Adi Sadria

VP Sales, Marketing, Loyalty, and Distribution for Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia – AccorHotels

Kim Soo-il

Secretary General of Tourism Promotion Organization (TPO) – Asia Pacific Cities

Setyono Djuandi Darmono

Chairperson and Founder – JABABEKA Group

Zhai Rui

Marketing Director of China, Valais-Matterhorn Region Tourism Bureau, Switzerland

Han Guo Xing

General Manager, HILTON Wenchang Hainan, China

Zou Tang Yu

Director, China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Jeannette Ceja

Travel Journalist, TV Host, Travel Advisor & Global Public Speaker.Jet Set with



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