Founder & Creative Director, Ferriswheel Entertainment

Shubhra Bhardwaj, Founder and Creative Director, Ferriswheel Entertainment, comes with an expansive experience of over 2 decades in the industry.

As an entrepreneur and creative director of Ferrishweel, she is committed to creating value-based revenue models which have end to end benefits for the clients as well as artists ultimately uplifting the entire industry. She is a firm believer that the marriage of art and cutting edge technology can empower the aesthetic and creative aspects of show business.

A published poetess and winner of Asian Arts Award for the Best Director at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ms. Bhardwaj has successfully delivered many large scale stadium events . She has a comprehensive & impressive body of work that enlists creative services in more than 70 countries ranging from mid-sized festivals to large-scale events.

Her in-depth understanding and experience of the diverse international and domestic performing arts markets and entertainment industries has helped establish Ferriswheel as a dynamic, dependable and competent brand in a brief span of time.

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