Sven Bossu is the first CEO of, the International Association of Convention Centres AIPC.

The appointment of Bossu as AIPC’s first CEO and the engagement of Interel, a professional association management company, are important steps in the implementation of AIPC’s business strategy in a post-COVID-19 world order and raising the professionalism of the association as a global industry leader.

Bossu will be responsible for finding and developing opportunities to upgrade the association’s member services, improve its program offerings, strengthen regional membership engagement and expand collaboration with like-minded associations in the meetings & events industry and adjacent industries. In doing so, AIPC will be able to increase the value that it provides to its members, business partners and to the global convention & exhibition center industry as a whole. More immediately, the focus will lie on providing pertinent support to AIPC members facing the impact of the COVID-19 situation by creating a digital community platform for members to exchange experiences and best practices; and jointly prepare for the next steps of recovery.

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