Security Director, IGA Operation Services

Yusuf Acibiber was born in 1959. Developing a background in security at the Police High school in Ankara, Mr. Acıbiber graduated from the Policy Academy in early 1980. He served in several roles in the institution starting with his first post in Kahramanmaraş. He was assigned to Erzincan as Deputy Chief of Branch serving there until his appointment to Los Angeles Consulate in 1987 as an Intelligence Attaché. Mr. Acıbiber continued to serve the Police Department in different roles after returning from the U.S. in 1990 and until joining Tepe Defence & Security System, a private company. Later, he became the General Manager of TAV Airport Private Security Services Inc. and Security Director of İGA Istanbul Grant Airport. He currently serves as the Founding Director and General Manager of ASSA Safety Audit Consulting Educational Services.

Mr. Acıbiber participated in many training programs, seminars and courses for professional development throughout his career. He also held several civil aviation training sessions for the professionals in the industry.

Mr. Acıbiber speaks English fluently.

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